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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Organizing The Kitchen Tip

Ever wonder about what to do with those plastic grocery bags that pile up all over the place? Yes, I know that we should be using grocery totes and I'm in the process of acquiring enough to use for a large grocery trip. But these bags seem to add up anyway. You can re-use them, but where do you put them until then?
Meet my kitty litter jug.

First, I removed the label...

Then, I cut a big rectangle at the front end...Would have looked better if I'd used an exacto knife instead of scissors...Oh, well...I stuffed it full of all of my sacks and...

Viola! I handy plastic bag dispense that fits neatly under my kitchen sink!
What do you do with all of your plastic bags?


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

LOL I stuff as many inside another plastic bag as I can, similar to your top photo. And then when these stuffed bags threaten to fill up the pantry (ever see the trouble with tribbles episode in the original Star Trek?), I finally take them too the recycling box at the store.

Laura said...

That's a great idea! I'm going to have to copy you and do the same!! :) I never thought of that before and our bags were always stuffed inside another bag as Ruth said hers were, and they take over the under sink area. Thank you for posting!

A wonderful day to you,

Alexandra said...

Great idea!

Trish said...

First of all...Ruth...grin...Yep...I can see the tribbles RIGHT NOW!!! Grin. And I too have a problem with those stupid bags...and yet...I do have a dog and well...take it away from there.

Mostly I use my cloth bags which I keep in the 'boot' of my YARIS!!!! Love that Yaris...grin...could not resist. But I have a 'sock' style cloth holder at my back/garage door...someone made for me once. Bags go in top....and come out the bottom for use. What a great idea to use yet another useless container Elizabeth....same idea really...terrific!

Beth at Aunties said...


I always for get to take my bags with me. But I use them for hauling things into the nursing home and now the assisted living for Dad...MY FIL.
You once asked where my dad served in the army. I wonder if your mom's first husband also served with him... I believe we live in a very small world.
Dad was a lineman, truck driver and rifleman in the Army
He served under Patton in Patton’s third . He was a private 1st class battery B 869th infantry Division.

He trained in Hattiesburg Miss and was released in Benning, Georgia.

He earned 2 bronze stars, a purple heart for being shot twice. He also was awarded the victory medal. His awards were from the European African Middle Eastern Conflict.
He was one of the first to liberate the Jews from Auschwitz and then took care of so many remains.. Kind of tough for a 19 year old to handle...

Were they together?

I would much rather send our sons off to serve missions!!! :)
Have an enjoyable Sunday!

Anne@Rosydreamer said...

I have a fabric bag for them, too, and it works very well. Push them in the top and dispense out the bottom. Red and navy quilted type fabric :) You just can't have crazy bags erupting from drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Too crazy!