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Friday, August 28, 2009

Low-Cal Ideas

Hey, out there in blogland!

Today, I am thinking about all the ways to cook more low-fat, as I try once again to lose some weight. So, I've compiled some tips, some of which are hopefully new to you!

  • When purchasing ground beef, save money by NOT buying the leanest cut of meat. However, after you have browned the meat, put it into a collander and run VERY hot water over. Much of the fat will rinse right off!
  • To lengthen your ground beef, add some nutrients, and cut down the fat per serving, stir-fry grated zuchini and add to your browned, ground beef AFTER you have rinsed it. You will get more mileage from you meat AND will add vitamins from a veggie that many children do NOT like to eat (and they will never be the wiser!).
  • Make low-cal versions of your favorite recipes, especially casseroles, by replacing fat-free sour cream (better yet, use plain yoghurt) for the real stuff. Use low-cal soups, such as Campbell's 98% Fat Free Mushroom Soup, instead of the higher calorie alternative.
  • Next time you serve Rago Spaghetti Sauce, or some other brand of store-bought sauce, added steamed and pureed yellow squash, carrots or sweet potato to the tomato mixture. Again, this pumps up taste, nutrition and mileage.
  • Better yet, when you have some spare time, roast the above listed veggies with some garlic and chopped onion. Puree. Add this to lasagnas, meatloaf, soups, tomato sauces, etc.
  • Have a sweet tooth? Try one square of sweet baker's chocolate and eat a fruit salad. This squelches my hunger for dessert!
  • Poach eggs instead of scrambling or frying them! They taste just as good without all the fat. (If you need instructions on how to poach eggs, just ask me!)
  • Eat a hearty salad prior to serving the main course at supper, it will fill you up on good stuff and lessen the chance of overindulgence.
  • When you feel hungry in between meals, go for a protein snack...such as string cheese, a handful of almonds or a boiled egg. This seems to squelch the munchies for me better than just eating a piece of fruit or some veggies.

Well, those are some suggestions. Let me know if any work for you!




Beth at Aunties said...

Yeah for your family seeing the beautiful Sawtooths and the many lakes around! It truly is a bit of heaven.
I am sorry for the mishaps. Once, we have had car trouble and needed to be rescued with a small family after almost getting there at 2:00 am.:) Then enjoyed a rainy week.
I am taking the morning off. We/I am exhausted after spending so much time at the nursing home. He needs to be moved out of his apartment by this weekend. I am glad it is close by the nursing home. We have been packing every evening after visitng with him.
The beach party was for the DTA's (Department of Temporal affairs) and their employees, under the Presiding Bishopric working in the Church office building.. The party was held in Bountiful. LOL!!! I wouldn't have wanted it here at our home. There were close to 250 people who attended. We were also in charge of a YSA service activity two days later, last Saturday, in Big Cottonwood canyon for fifty. We worked hard then enjoyed dinner and a wonderful fireside where our stake Pres and his wife spoke around a big fire. We were beat! I was glad Sunday wasn't a normal day so we could spend more time with dad.
Sorry about the book...:)
We are headed to Virginia in October!

Myrnie said...

These are great suggestions! Good luck with your weight loss- I've lost all of my "baby weight" and really want to get 4 more pounds off...before I set a goal 10 pounds lower than THAT :) Good luck!

Trish said...

Sounds like a plan Elizabeth dear....nothing like settling into a new season with new resolve! I am with you sister on the weight loss thing...and with the son gone...methinks the hubby and I will be well satisfied with soup and salads....this might work afterall! Grin...take care my southern friend!

Anne@Rosydreamer said...

I liked your idea of having poached eggs. They are soooo good and never touch extra fat. But I love to add them to buttered toast or a bowl of spam and rice...that kinda ruins the low-fat effect! :)

I tried the no-s-diet awhile ago, and now that school is back in session, I'm going to try it again starting monday.

Alexandra said...

I've never even thought of rinsing the ground beef. What a great idea! Thanks. :)