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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Lovely Spring Poem

Hello, Friends!

I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging or visiting much over the last few weeks. I have been going from one illness to another. First, the flu, then another UTI and now, a bad cold. So...Whew.

I would like to share with you a link to a beautiful poem, written by my friend, Ruth, over at Visions and Revisions...Spring Planting. Enjoy and I will be back to blogging again as soon as I can.



Anwen said...

I'm praying for your recovery!

No, I do not homeschool. (I have no children of my own yet.) I work at a private school. There are two classes: K-2nd and 3rd-8th. I am teaching the younger ones. It is a lot like homeschooling though, because the class size is so small.

Alicia Robbins said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I hope that you get to feeling better soon. Wasn't conference wonderful!?!The missionaries loved it and learned so much. They were searching for 'simple statements of doctrine' and couldn't write fast enough. What a great experience.
Have a Lovely Day~

Elizabeth said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! I love the pretty layout of your blog, as well as your choice of music.

Alexandra said...

Oh no, take care of yourself. Have a wonderful Easter. :)

Beth at Aunties said...

The cookie recipe would be a great one to do with your R and S.

Have a great weekend and hope you are doing better.

Christensen Family said...

I had a WONDERFUL time with you at lunch yesterday. We will have to do it again sometime. I'll pay next time ;)

Trish said...

Elizabeth...now....I am getting worried about you. You must get some strength! I would love to 'ship down there' some homemade chicken noodle soup or something to sustain you. Grin....take care my southern friend. And get better.

Dragon Petals said...

Hope you're feeling better already. :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I hope you are now well.
Yes, I am related to LIW. I've decided that I will shortly do an upcoming post of the "Ask Laura" variety and include this question. :)
Happy day to you!