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Friday, April 17, 2009

Show and Tell Friday/Our Anniversary!

FOR SHOW & TELL FRIDAY, I am sharing about my wedding anniversary...

Yesterday, Mark and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary...We were wed April 17, 1993. I would have blogged about it yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures.

I was 33, almost 34, when we met and 35 when we married. I had waited and dated many a year, hoping that the whisperings I'd received from the Holy Spirit, that I would one day be married to a fine man, would one day be fulfilled.

One year before I met Mark, I began a diary that went like this:
I thought of you today and decided to begin this journal to you, although I do not know you yet. I guess it sounds a little silly to write a letter like this to a future someone you only hope to meet someday but don't actually know. And yet, in my heart, I have such faith that I will find you that I actually feel I know you. Some days, I am quite lonely for you and wish to hasten the time, to shorten the days between now and when we will be together. But, alas, this is Heavenly Father's timetable and since it is He who will ultimately bring us together, then we must wait for His moment.

In recent months, life has thrown up all sorts of tempting side paths and strewn obstacles in my path all of which have been grievous to bear. But whenever I am tempted to stray, I remember my desire for you, and I hod to my course. Eventually hopefully soon, these days of waiting will be over. But until they are, I will fill this journal with my thoughts of you and our future together. I am praying for a man who will read these things with a gentle heart and if this flight of fancy goes against your, perhaps, more practical nature,please realize this is my expression of faith that the Lord has heard my pleas has provided my future with a righteous man. And also this give direction to a giving heart hat years to pour its love on some choice man. Let him be you."

The next year, I felt a strong impression that I should attend a singles conference being held by my church in a Southern Californian town, near where I was living. In fact, I remember saying a prayer before leaving the house for the 45 minute drive to this conference. I prayed for safety, as I always do, but then I said, "Who knows, Lord, but maybe today I will meet my husband."

It was at the Saturday conference that I first caught sight of Mark. Later, Mark would write the following about our meeting:

"I had looked for her all my life, like a promise made yet unfulfilled. But when that promise comes, it speaks a whisper to the soul and a sureness to the heart. I saw her first at a church singles conference. I could not keep my eyes off of her. As the day proceeded into evening, I felt like a teenager as I tried to position myself in the hallways to meet her. At the dance, that evening, I seemed to be popular as I was the new person on the block, so I was in constant demand. Yet her very presence demanded my attention. At one point, the men and women were asked to stand in two separate lines, as the lines came together people were paried off for a dance. I placed myself so that I could be paired with her. As we danced across the floor and I held her forth the first time, something lept within me. It was then that I learned that the name of the lady with the beautiful countenance and soft manner was "Elizabeth". We sat and talked...and began to reveal the fabric of our lives. Hopes and dreams were shared through a wonderful range of emotions. Her searching blue eyes pierced my soul and left my secrets with no hiding place. She touched my deepest spot. Nevertheless, I felt at peace. The tapestry of our lives was beginning. At last the evening ended and we said our good-byes. I felt a loss at our parting, but a wonderful gain in knowing she existed. As I drove back home with my friends, I felt as though I was floating with the memory of her. I held her phone number in my hands as if it were the grandest of rewards. I looked out the window and the stars seemed to have a special regal quality.

Elizabeth, I thought, is the type of person to always inspire me to reach for the highest mark. And so it has been and so it will be, a promise fulfilled."
We were later married in the Los Angeles, LDS Temple, at 9 a.m. on a beautiful and rare, crystal clear day.
Later, we drove to Malibu Canyon and had our reception at the Inn of the Seventh Ray. We supped on Rosemary Chicken, wild rice and salad. Then, we had a special program for our loved ones whom we knew we'd be leaving soon (we moved to NC). Poetry, the above journal entries and inspiring love stories and scripture were read by various friends and loved ones. Our cake was carrot with cream cheese frosting, decorated with fresh flowers...

None of the above pictures are mine...I borrowed them from the Internet. My friend, Sue, says she will let me scan my wedding photos today so I can share them with you on my blog. Until then, just know that April 17th, 1993 was the wholly most perfect day of my life and it continues to be a great strength to me, as I remember the convenants we made together and the love we shared with so many special people in our lives.

God Bless and have a wonderful day!


Leann said...

What a wonderful love story. I love the romantic look of you header. Congratulations and many more happy years!

Miss Sandy said...


This is possibly the most romantic thing I have ever read! Happy Anniversary and many more in your future!

I am so glad you dropped in for a visit and enjoyed the garden party. I am thrilled that I dropped in today to share in your joy.

My daughter started writing letters to her future mate at the age of sixteen, she intends to give them to him on her wedding day as a gift. Has she met him yet? No, but like you she has faith that she will.

Thank you for sharing you special day.

Anwen said...

Your husband seems quite the romantic type! Worth the wait! Congratulations again. :)

Bobbie said...

That is a very sweet wedding story. I too got married at 35. Happy Anniversary!!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, what a romantic husband you have! I loved what he wrote.

I would have been married 17 years today but mine did not have the happy ending yours did! You found a prince and mine was just a rat! haha!

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

Alexandra said...

Happy anniversary! Our 16th was in February. Beautiful church! Makes you look up...towards heaven. I like Gothic churches for the same reason, the height.

The Feathered Nest said...

What a beautiful post sweet friend!!! Happy Anniversary dear Elizabeth! I wish you and your husband many more years of love and happiness...xxoo, Dawn

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

How wonderful. My husband was a long-awaited answer to prayer too, so I loved reading this.

Happy anniversary one day late.

Bobbie said...

By the way.... would LOVE to see some wedding photos!!

Myrnie said...

Happy anniversary! What a lovely story!

Alicia Robbins said...

Happy Aniversary!!!
What a wonderful post this is. I am such a hopeless romantic and loved to hear the stories of others. Yours reminded me of the one my DIL has on her blog:
"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite".
Have a Lovely Day~

Christensen Family said...

Elizabeth, you are such a romantic! I love learning about this side of your personality. I love your choice of reception location, BEAUTIFUL and quaint.

Beth at Aunties said...

Ah Elizabeth this was so romantic and lovely. A perfect love story.
There is no doubt the Lord spoke to both of you prior and during your courtship. And your writings meshed perfectly.
Now two beautiful children later...
Happy Anniversary!
A little late, but with the best of wishes for a very happy year!


Laura said...

This is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. I am happy to have come upon your blog today.