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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Honeymoon Remembrances and More

Hello, Ladies!

Thank you for all the well wishes for a Happy Anniversary! We had a lovely weekend and are still celebrating in our hearts...I kept a travel journal during our honeymoon and so we know what we did each day for the two weeks that we were gone. I would like to share a little of that with you...(The following photos were taken from off the Internet because I still haven't found anyone with a photo scanner.)

Following our marriage at in the Los Angeles LDS Temple and reception in Malibu Canyon, Mark and I drove down to San Diego, specifically to Coronado Island, where we spent two weeks at the beautiful and romantic, Hotel Del Coronado...
Most mornings, we would awaken to the sound of gulls. When we arose, the Hotel was usually surrounded in a lovely fog...
It made the place seems magical and far removed from everyday, modern life. The first time that I ever heard Enya, was on a morning such as this. Her song, Marbled Halls, came floating in with the fog through our balcony door while I was dressing and preparing for the day. Her ethereal voice drew me from the dressing room and I stood in the open doorway wondering who this was and what was this beautiful song. I will never forget that.

Some mornings, we got up very early and explored the tidal pools at Cabrillo National Monument...

The old lighthouse...
One day, we spent the afternoon strolling through Balboa Park, in San Diego...
The old architecture brought back memories of my childhood years spent in San Diego and my Saturday morning ballet lessons which I took near here...
We visited Sea Port Village and ate out over the water at this wonderful restaurant...We feasted on Blackened Cat fish and fed the little sparrows who came inside the covered deck, looking for food.
One day of these days, while I was perusing a local paper...I found this beautiful poem in the Personals. Mark and I fell in love with it and it has become "our" poem...

A wind Swept Willow Seed Was I
And you, a sparkling stream,
On God's breath I traveled
Miles upon His gentle breeze
I came to rest on your sandy bank
Your water nourished me
And with your love I grew
into this willow tree
The storms Life brought, blew
My stalk bent in the howling wind
But the sun did shine once more
You did sparkle in the light
And I grew strong with time
The shade I give
Is blessed by God
Beside you for all Time...


For my dear Mark, who walked beside me on this sandy beach for two beautiful weeks, dreaming dreams together. You are my own, strong willow tree, who has remained steadfast by my side through all Life's storms. God bless you, my Love. Elizabeth


Beth at Aunties said...

You will enjoy the Lemon chicken! We finished ours last night. I di not use the capers and added a little water to the sauce. Delicious!
I have enjoyed your beautiful romance story and honeymoon. The whole San Diego area has a special place in my heart as that is where my Paternal grandparents lived all my life. All those areas bring wonderous memories rushing back:) Amazing how lifes paths cris~cross.
I am running ou the door to shop for my seethearts B-day. We have 5 of them this week!
I am doing awesome:) Thanks and I am so glad you are too.

Anwen said...

What a beautiful post. One of the things I most appreciate about my husband is his steadfastness, too. Nothing like having someone who always loves you and stands by your side.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!

Alexandra said...

Beautiful! I'd love to visit Balboa Park.

Rae said...

That sounds like such a lovely honeymoon. What a great story you have! I just read your older post. I am looking forward to seeing your scanned pictures.