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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun Day Crafting and Chatting

Aah, Tuesdays...That is the day that I clear my schedule in the afternoon so I can get together with my sweet friends, Teri and Kathy, to craft and chat (Sometimes I chat more than I craft, but that goes without saying!). Teri is an expert knitter and she taught Kathy and me to knit. So far, Kathy is doing better than me because she can pearl. Pearling scares the heck out of me because I get in enough trouble just knitting. It's fun, though!

Today, I gathered my supplies together and, inspired by the unusually warm temps (62???), I made little bird nests out of various materials I had on hand...

[I have photos of all this, but goofy Blogger isn't working. Aargh! Maybe tomorrow!]

..We worked on our projects and chatted. We talked about our favorite movie these days, "Twilight".

[Again, I would normally insert a picture here, but it won't work....]

When I first saw my sweet Sarah come home from school (she takes Math at Middle School and is homeschooled for the rest) with a copy of the book "Twilight", I took one look at the front cover - a girl's hands holding an apple (which could mean...anything) - and I thought, "Okay, I'm reading this one!" So, I sat down to read what I thought would be a boring book and, oh boy, I was hooked in the first chapter!

Okay, okay, it isn't "East of Eden", but I don't care, because as much as I admire great literature, this book just spoke to the girl in me and I LOVED it! I proceeded to read all four books in the series and waited for the movie to come out. Sarah and I went to one of the first showings of "Twilight" and really liked it. Teri and Kathy have seen it 6 times. I have now only seen it twice, but, next crafting Tuesday, we three have a date at the Dollar Theater to see it again! (with maybe some Indian food beforehand???)

Woohoo! Cheap Thrill. But what fun!

Well, it is late so I will end for now...So, my big thought for the day is how much more wonderful a week is when one engages in creative pursuits and when a good laugh can be had with friends!

God bless,


Trish said...

Hmmmm....have to try and read that book then...especially if Sarah read it too. wow...knitting? Not a chance from this very undomesticdated gal....but kudos to you!

Beth at Aunties said...

We also can hit the dollar movie? I STILL have not seen Twilight! I have read all four as have most of our family! They ahve all gone when I couldn't...
So cool you are knitting!
I am looking forward to tomorrow!