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Monday, February 9, 2009

Commitment to Loveliness, Menu Planning Monday, Update

Dear, Sweet Friends,

I am still playing catch up from the week when I was flat on my back. My goodness, how things fell apart! So today, instead of printing out my menu for the week, I'm providing you with a link to Laura's Menu Planning Monday post and you can peruse those menus to your heart's desire. Many of the people who submit posts through Mr. Linky there include links to the recipes. Great stuff!

Also, today is the first time participating in A Commitment to Loveliness which is being hosted over at Charming The Birds From The Trees (see sidebar). My five things are:
1) Make homemade valentines
2) Have candlelight dinner with my family tonight
3) Take the time to have my hair trimmed
4) Search out a nice new hair color
5) Give myself a manicure tonight

As for an update on our situation, My husband is still looking for work, after trying out a job that was straight commission only. He has two wonderful possibilities this month. Either one would be great for us. We appreciate your prayers!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful day. I apologize for not getting around to visit for awhile. It's been really difficult recently. However, I will get to at least some of you today.

Love to all,


Alexandra said...

Prayers for your husband!

beth at aunties said...

Can I pay you a visit this week for pay it forward! would you email me your address.

I am so sorry it ahs been so hard... The candlelight dinner sounds wonderful!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Prayers for your husband.

Trish said...

Oh Elizabeth...I have continued to pray for a steady, full time job for your husband. Please keep us posted. I love the things you are going to do....for yourself too. I have stories to share with you and will post them soon...about praying for groceries again...tee hee.. This month has been so tight that coupons were definitely attached to my grocery list. But those prayers in the car before getting the grocery cart really do guide us to the right 'bargains' so we can feed our family well and healthfully. This time God gave me a bonus...something for me. Later sweet friend to the south. By the way...your daughter is growing in leaps and bounds in her writing....very deep and soulful. I love it....take care sista!