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Friday, October 22, 2010

Computer Troubles

Well, I am completely frustrated. My computer is having problems and I'm not sure when I will get it back. It all depends on if the local Geek Squad can fix it or if it has to be sent out of state to the service department.

All the while, local colors here are glorious. I am so disappointed that I can't upload my photos for you to see. The mountains are a sight to see. There are dark patches of pines, contrasted by patches of gold and a zillion patches of red...It is as though an old rug, once glorious, has been thrown over the mountains, rubbed bare in places and still beautiful and new in others. I so wish that you could see it.

I am sending many happy, Autumn thoughts your way. Wishing you color and brilliance, crisp air and wonderous family adventures.

God bless,


Sybil said...

Oh Elizabeth I do hope your 'puter probles are sorted out quickly. We will miss you when you are a.w.a.l.
Please take photo's and you can let us see the wonderful colours when we are all moaning about teh cold snowy days..
I am just back from 4 days in Norfolk it was very nice although also very cold..
love Sybil

Anne said...

Looking forward to some colorful pictures! Hope your computer problems get fixed soon. Here it is pouring rain and I'm drinking hot peach tea before my husband and I go for a run. A good morning. :)

Bobbie said...

I bet the colors are glorious!

Trish said...

oh my....again? Your 'geeks' need to get 'geekier' and fix that silly thing once and for all!