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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Keeping Cool

After enduring two days without an air conditioner, I have been thinking of ways to keep cool.
Here are some ideas for what to do when your air is off...

Keeping Cool In The Kitchen...
Absolutely do all cooking in the morning or late at night, after the house has cooled down.
Crock pot cooking is the way to go.
If you have to use the stove, keep the heat on for as short a time as possible.
Cook starches, especially pastas and rice, ahead of time, during the coolest part of the day...and refrigerate to use in salads.
Eat lots of fruit and veggie salads.
Keep plenty of ice on hand, as well as frozen treats, such as Popsicles, icees, etc.

Keeping Cool In The Bedroom...
Draw window shades whenever the sun is on the window and/or high in the sky
Keep fans blowing, to circulate air in there.
Wearing PJ's is actually cooler than going el buffo.. pj's soak up sweat.

Keeping Cool In the Bath Area...
Light a candle and keep off the light, or use natural light...
Use a fan to circulate moisture that rests in the air after baths...
Don't fold towels when they are wet.
Take tepid showers to cool down.
Use bath powder to feel fresh.

Keeping Cool In The House...
Keep lights off whenever possible, lights generate heat.
Keep shades pulled, blinds drawn during the heat of the day.
In the evening, when it's cooler, open all doors and windows and blow your fans so that the air circulates and pushes out the hot air.
Put a tray full of ice cubes in front of the fan for colder air.

Drive to the mountains or the beach, if possible.
Go to ... the mall...the movies...the grocery store...an air conditioned friend's house...the pool...

Don't stress. This, too, shall pass!


Anne@Rosydreamer said...

What is your favorite cool dinner? If you lived closer, I would have you come to my house. We have been keeping it extra cool because one of our bedrooms is rented out. Hope you have ac again soon!

Myrnie said...

Great suggestions! I spent the evening at the temple, and came home to find a very sweaty family. Which is why I froze my 10 pounds of cherries, instead of canning them. Hope your AC is fixed soon!

'nother idea: eat spicy food! It makes you sweat, without having to exert yourself. :)