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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lillies of The Valley and Sunday Meme

Happy Sabbath, Sweet Friends!

I have been out of touch for awhile. Both my children have been fighting the flu and it has taken all my time and energy running between the two. My daughter is much better, but my son has taken ill again, this time worse than before, and so I am mothering overtime and have been unable to blog or visit blogs for awhile.

Having said that, I have a small period of quiet time and thought that I would share some pictures of my garden. The Lillies of the Valley are out in force. They are such delicate flowers. They remind me of my mother, because while I was still living in NC, I once gave my mother a small pot of them for Mother's Day.

These sweet flowers also remind me of a song my sister and I use to sing when we were children. It goes:

"White, coral bells upon a slender stalk,
Lillies of the Valley deck my garden walk.
Oh, how I wish that you could hear them ring.
That will happen only when the fairies sing

We would sing this in a "round", while swinging on our backyard swingset.

Such lovely memories, all of them. And I leave them with you today, along with my wishes for you to have a wonderful Sabbath.

God bless,


  • Are you available? For what?
  • What is your age? XX
  • What annoys you? Noise


  • Do you know anyone named Billy? My cousins, Fallon and Val, have Billy for first names.
  • When is your birthday? November
  • Who is your best friend? I have several super close friends.


  • What is your favorite Candy? Chocolate caramels
  • Crush? Nope.
  • When was the last time that you cried? I don't cry much, but after an upsetting dream.


  • Do you daydream? Constantly.
  • What is your favorite dog? Golden Retriever
  • What day of the week is it? Sunday


  • How do you like your eggs? Omelettes and poached.
  • Have you ever been in the emergency room? Unfortunately, yes.
  • Have you ever petted an elephant? Yes.


  • Do you use fly swatters? I prefer persuasion.
  • Have you ever used a foghorn? No.
  • Do you have a fan in your room? No.


  • Do you chew gum? Occasionally.
  • Do you like gummy candies? Not really.
  • Do you like gory movies? Rarely.


  • How are you? Plugging along...
  • What is your height? 5'3"
  • What color is your hair? I say dark-blonde, but it's really light brown.


  • What's your favorite ice cream? Chocolate chunk.
  • Have you ever been ice skating? Yes.l
  • Ever been in an igloo? NO!


  • What's your favorite jelly bean? Licorice.
  • Have you ever heard a hilarious joke? Yes. Favorite joke: "What's the last thing that passes through a fly's mind when he hits your windshield?....His fanny!"
  • Do you wear jewelry? Earrings, mostly.


  • Who do you want to kill? Mosquitoes.
  • Have you ever flown a kite? Badly.
  • Do you think kangaroos are cute? To other kangaroos.


  • Are you laid back? Half of the time.
  • Lions or tigers? Lions
  • Do you like black licorice? Love it!


  • Favorite movie as a kid? Mary Poppins and The Wizard of Oz
  • Ever shopped at Moosejaw? What?!
  • Favorite shop at the mall? Don't like the mall.


  • What is your nickname? Beth (don't call me that!)
  • What's your favorite number? 15 and 17.
  • Do you prefer night or day? Day


  • What's your one wish? For HEALTH INSURANCE
  • Are you an only child? Nope.
  • Do you like the color orange? Uh, no, but my son gave me an orange mug for Christmas and I LOVE anything he gives me!


  • What are you most paranoid about? Being an idiot.
  • Piercings? One set for earrings.
  • Do you know anyone named Penelope? An old friend's basset hound.


  • Are you quick to judge people? No.
  • Do you like Quaker Oats? Just plain quick oats.
  • Know anyone who makes quilts? Sue!


  • Do you think you are always right? Except when I'm wrong.
  • Do you watch reality TV? Dancing With The Stars!
  • Reason to cry? The loss of loved ones.


  • Do prefer sun or rain? Sun!
  • Do you like snow? Yes.
  • What's your favorite season? Spring and Fall.


  • Time is it? 2:15 p.m.
  • What time did you wake up? 10:00 a.m.


  • Can you ride a unicycle? No!
  • Do you know anyone with a uni-brow? NO!!
  • Uncles do you have? Three still living.


  • What's the worst vegetable? Brussel sprouts!
  • Ever watch Veggie Tales? Oh, yes!!
  • Ever considered being a vegan? Yes.


  • What's your worst habit? Picking my cuticles - yuk.
  • Do you like water rides? Yes.
  • Ever been inside a windmill? No.


  • Have you ever had an x-ray? I glow in the dark.
  • Ever xeroxed anything? Yes.


  • Do you like the color yellow? Yes, very much.
  • What year were you born in? 1957
  • Do you yell when you are angry? yes


  • Do you believe in the Zodiac? No.
  • What is your zodiac sign? Scorpio.
  • When was the last time you went to the zoo? Last year.

To participate, click HERE.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love lilies of the valley. I have some sitting in a vase not far from me. They smell so good.

Anwen said...

what beautiful, refreshing pictures. So pretty, and hope your young one is well very soon!

Myrnie said...

Oh, I loved that song when I was a girl!

I think that's the longest meme I've ever seen :)

Alexandra said...

Prayers for fast recovery from the virus. We've had a few funny ones come through our house in the last few weeks. They seem to come and go.

I love lily of the valley! I planted quite a few years ago, but they didn't make it in the shade, which is weird, because they are shade plants. I never thought of planting them in pots. Thanks for the idea. It's not something you see very often, but of course, why not!

I love their scent...I think Dior makes a lily of the valley scent...can't think of it right now.

kalea_kane said...

The flowers were beautiful. Well are beautiful. :) I guess I'd kill mosquitoes too. They suck quite literally. Happy Sunday!

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Love the lillies of the valley. Thanks for visiting my blog and I would love some support in my effort to lose weight and would be happy to offer any support that I can to others. Thanks for the offer.