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Monday, December 29, 2008

A Message of Love from Beyond the Grave


I want to tell you about a small, but deeply important miracle that happened to me last night. Unable to fall asleep, I sat at my computer until the wee hours of the morning, going through unread e-mails (mostly subscriptions to e-zines, spam and chain letters), clearing out my In-box. There were over (brace yourselves) two years of this stuff to go through. As I got into the e-mails from last summer I ran into a name that practically stopped my heart - Melissa L. Spruill. Now, for those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that last July 24, my dear friend from North Carolina, Melissa Spruill, died suddenly of a rare virus that had affected her heart. It was all very unexpected and completely devasting for her family, especially for her two young children - Emili (now 11) and Elijah (6). See the post Here.

So, here I was last night staring at an unopened e-mail from her. Judging from the subject line, I could tell she was responding to an inspirational e-mail that I had sent out to her and a few other family members and friends. I held my breath and clicked on the e-mail, hoping against hope that she had written me something...The screen came up and there were typed two words from her.


I looked at the date of this e-mail and it was July 23, 2008...The day before she died.

Oh, only God knows the gratitude I felt in my heart to hear one more time from my dear friend, who once paid me the greatest compliment that I have ever been given.

"I can tell you anything", she once said.

Here is the greatest thing she could ever tell me.


That is everything.



The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Elizabeth. What a precious gift from above! It must have been meant to be for you to find this last night....a sweet hug from a friend ~ I believe this love knows no boundries!! Wishing you a wonderful week and new year too dear friend! xxoo, Dawn

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm so happy for you that you received such an affirming message.

Trish said...

Oh Elizabeth....like out of a story...what a wonderful miracle and you know what...I am thinking there must have beena very special reason why you received that message...only now. God Bless you Elizabeth....as you are a blessing to many many others.

Thompson Family said...


Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us all. It has been such a difficult holiday season for us without our Sweet Melissa. Knowing that others are thinking of us and of her brings us comfort. Little miracles like what you just experienced are what helps us to remember that in ALL THINGS we are to give God the glory.

(Melissa's baby sister)

Miss Sandy said...


This is the most precious thing I have ever read in my life! How wonderful for you to be able to have such a simple yet profound message from your friend. I am sure there was a reason that it was not until now that you received it. I am so inspired by this simple message that I think I'd like to send it to those dear to me, just so they know. Thank you for inspiring me today!

LillyB said...

Isn't that just like God! He knows what we need, before we know we even have a need!
God is so good!
Bless you sister!!

beth at aunties said...


The Lord works his miracles when we least expect them. I hope you felt her incredible love for you in the 'LOVE YA!' It gives me chills.
She was thinking of you the night before she died. And I am sure many time since. You must have been very special to her and I am sorry for your lost of having not her here. Her children are so young to be without their mom.
I too lost my really good friend in 2004 at Christmas time. So many of my Christmas decorations were actually gifts from her. She was a C to me when we served in the S. R.S. together for 5 years. So this time of year so many wonderful memories come rushing back as I take her gifts from their boxes and like today put them away again. I really miss Kathy.
What a wonderful gift granted to you on an evening you needed it.
Someday I look forward to and I am comforted by the thought we might all sit together in Heaven as sisters once again. I can't remember the exact quote of Emma Smith's but the jest of it still brings me great comfort.

Hugs and wishes for a wonderful New Year!

We went to see Benjamin Button's...it was different but good:-) I am wondering if I should attempt to take my hubby to see Twilight!!!

beth at aunties said...

I just watched Melissa's beautiful tribute.
It brought tears..
I am so glad her children have this to watch when ever they want. What a special friend and mom she was/is. I am glad also have it to remember her by.

With more{{{ hugs}}}

Alexandra said...

So beautiful, and yet so sad. I'm glad it blessed you like it did.