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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wonderfully Clean!

(Fixed the picture probem on June 28th)

So, you are wondering, "Why is this woman showing me upside down pictures of the inside of her refridgerator?" The answer is 1) I don't know how to turn these pictures right side up and 2) I spent the better part of the day clearing it out and cleaning it up.

I am getting ready for my grocery shopping trip on Thursday. It feels so good to get this job done! I'm proud of myself. :)
Good night!


Trish said...

Oh Elizabeth. You are so funny...loved your post. Yes those silly pictures...and then once you have them on the post you just think...oh well!

House cleaning....I run from the house if at all possible to avoid it. I am so NOT domestic as my son keeps say!

Talk to you late...what is this grocery trip...sounds like a HUGE trip?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, I wish my refrigerator looked like that! Neither my husband or I are really good about cleaning it out. (We split the household chores.)

Thanks for mentioning Cheryl Richardson in your comment. I've never heard of her before. I may have to look for her writings.

madrekarin said...

I am envious of yoru sparkly clean frige! Mine definitely does not look like that. ;)
For your pictures, if you right click on them it will give you an option to turn clockwise or turn counter-clockwise. once you get your photo in the position you want, save it and it will be in the right posotion forever.

Karol said...

Good job on the fridge!!! Kinda inspiring me to tackle that job..... (Maybe not tho!) Karol

Karol said...

Hi again,
I don't know if food is more expensive here than elsewhere -- we have to eat tho! haha! (Still haven't cleaned my fridge) Karol