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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Day of Thanksgiving

Nope, it's not November and Turkey Day! It's Sunday and, for me, that is a day of thanksgiving. This is the day when we slow down, turn off the TV, refrain from boisterous play, re-focus, and concentrate on the most important things: family and God. And, for me, it's a day when I like to count all of my blessings.

While I was sitting in church, I began to think of all the moments of Grace in my life, when the Lord has brought me certain people and/or experiences to bless and teach me. Some people would call these events "coincidences" and there was a time in my life when I would have agreed. But now, I see these moments as manifestations of God's love. Moments of Grace. There have also been times when I felt the Lord using me at just the right time and place for someone else, to help and bless them. This has been very humbling, because each time I realize, despite my many weaknesses, that God is able to use me for His purposes. All of these moments of Grace have taught me that there is an overall Divine Plan, made up of all these small plans for each one of our lives.

I feel deep gratitude for the love of God. I can feel His love for every person that I meet. Each one is a son or daughter of the Lord and I pray that my actions towards everyone may reflect even just small amount of His great love for all of us.

I am deeply grateful because, over my lifetime, moments of His Grace have brought to me all of the wonderful blessings, trials, lessons and bounties that have made up my life's experiences.

What kind of moments of Grace have you experienced? How have they made you feel?

God bless and keep you this week and always!

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