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Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...it is sunny and cool, with a slight breeze. It's positively lovely! :)

I am thinking of...how much I have to do to get this house in order! :(

I am thankful for... being healthy, pain free and physically able to do all that needs to be done - thank you, dear Lord!

From the learning rooms... my son is putting of working on the paperwork he's missed at school from being ill. I am trying to be encouraging with out nagging (really, REALLY hard for me!).

From the kitchen... nothing as of yet, but later...banana bread and choc chip cookies! :).

I am wearing... dark blue jeans with a navy hoodies. I fixed my hair and face and feel so much better than when I let life take over and I don't look as well.

I am creating... a clean and orderly home for my family and a wonderful meal for our Family Night tonight.

I am going... to play music while I work to keep my mind busy and to give me a little energy boost.

I am reading... BLOGS! I am catching up on all that I've missed while being busy with a sick child.

I am hoping... for Mark's news on a job's funding to be positive! Hoping, hoping....

I am hearing... sorrowful cat mews because I want let my pussies outside. They have Fall Fever, like me, but no claws and a wanderlust. Their brother died while crossing the road, so no more outdoor pussycats.

Around the house... it is very q.u.i.e.t.

One of my favorite things... is eating a wonderful ham sandwich while reading blogs. Yum, yum. Fun, fun!

A few plans for the rest of the week... clean, air rooms, laundry, ironing, get my office into orderly shape (UGH!!!), bake, teach my son, fulfill my church calling, read something of interest, get limited exercise, go to bed early (haha) and get good SLEEP!

Here is a picture thought I am thinking..

BEAUTIFUL FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth P.S. (Would appreciate any prayers for the speedy recovery of my sweet son! - thanks)


Myrnie said...

what beautiful photos! Every year I dread fall, and the end of summer sunshine...and then I see the leaves, and I'm mollified.

Sending recovery wishes to your son!!

Trish said...

Beautiful pictures....easy to loose one's self in the wonderful fall colours. I loved your simple and beautiful post today....I felt warm and wonderful inside...like I was looking in on a picture of a heavenly home filled with God's goodness and grace.

Many prayers for your son sweetie!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Good to catch up with you.